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Other industries

Automation in other industries

We develop, build and service production lines and assembly technologies for the automation of production processes in the consumer goods industry, engineering, food processing and construction. All our devices meet the relevant industry standards and special requirements. Our solutions stand out for their high productivity, process repeatability, and advanced quality control systems using sensors, testers, cameras and other mechanisms.

Examples of automation in other industries:
  • Automated assembly line for handling and setting parts
  • Automated production line for aerosol valves
  • Automated pressing and welding of conveyor rollers

Whatever your requirements for automation, we will find and implement a reliable and economic solution to meet them.

Our extensive experience and the know-how we bring from our various areas of work enable us to offer innovative automation solutions for all industries. Our designs make use of a broad variety of production and assembly techniques (welding, soldering, lubricating, riveting, screwing, etc.) to ensure they meet your needs perfectly.

Our devices help to automate
Technological operations
Handling and transport
Measurement and inspection

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